Via Chic

"This is what makes my day doing BUZZ. . .I freaked out for this idea–Via Chic"–Bobbie Thomas, NBC Style Editor, The Today Show"


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Be Inspired

Via Chic is the quick-change-artist of a handbag.                                                                                                             Take a beautiful silk scarf, just sleeping in your drawer,                                                                                                                                or a fab  piece or fabric or evan a cool t-shirt and wrap                                                                                                              it around Vic Chic, again and again and again. In mere                                                                                               seconds you have your own accessory to complement                                                                                                      any outfit. No sewing necessary. It's that simple. 

                                                                                                                                                  Be Creative

Try a vintage fabric or a designer scarf, add an embellishment, some bling or a natural touch of a feather. Wrap 18" of ribbon around the middle. Just remember to disengage the magnets, drop in the ribbon, then re-engage to the magnets to hold it tightly.

Just Be You!

Via Chic will be your go-to clutch bag. OneClutch or Classic, it adds instant glam to any outfit. Go casual. Go business. Go summer. Go winter. Go on-the-town. Go bridal. Go on vacation. Think carry-on. Pack Via Chic and several flat scarves or fabric. Then say, 'Ciao Bello'.

Via Chic was designed to eliminate the mile high pile of clutches in your closet landscape. You know the ones–uh huh–dingy and matted. Go clutter free. Go green. Go budget-friendly. In mere seconds you have a clutch bag ready to deploy on your shoulder for any event.