The World of Via Chic

Be inspired. Be creative. Just be you.

We're Via Chic, a patented "must-have-for-my-wardrobe" interchangeable platform handbag–like no other–available in the new clutch size, Via Chic–OneClutch.™

Via Chic allows you to take a beautiful silk scarf from your own collection or a fabulous piece of fabric from your neighborhood emporium, and wrap it around our handbag–again and again and again. And the best part?  No sewing necessary! You've just transformed a handbag into a chic fashion accessory. An Hermes®, Chanel® or Talbots® scarf is now an Hermes, Chanel or Talbots designer handbag–ready for deployment on your shoulder like no other. From casual to business to cocktail to bridal. Clutch size or Classic size. Via Chic!