Frequently Asked Questions

Q: On the OneClutch, can I use a scarf or fabric smaller than  24 x 24"/60 cm square?

A: As long as you have at least 24"/60 cm across when you center Via Chic–OneClutch, side to side, your scarf could be as short as 18"/45 cm  from top to bottom. We always tell our customers, and in fact, you'll see it on the video, to tuck the sides in first, left then right, once you have disengaged the cuff. Hey, if you have a fav scarf, give it a try. You do want enough fabric to keep it tucked securely. 

Q: On the Classic, can I use a scarf or piece of fabric less than 36 x 36"/90 cm square?

A: Just as with the OneClutch, it is best to have at least 36"/90 cm side to side. On this larger size handbag, you can get  away with 32"/81 cm from top to bottom.  Again, with a fav scarf, give it a try and begin with the sides, left and right. If I am trying to capture a particular pattern, I slide the handbag from top to bottom to position off center, if necessary.

Q: Will the strong magnets affect the operation of my credit cards?

A: An inside, handy zippered pocket is available for placement of credit cards. As with any credit card, do not swipe your credit card directly across any magnet. 

Q: Will the strong magnets affect the operation of my cell phone?

A: No, just place your cell phone into the handbag. It is never recommended to swipe a cell phone directly across any magnet.

Q: Can Via Chic handbags be used if you have a pacemaker or similar device?

A: Do not use Via Chic handbags if you have a pacemaker or similar device. Physicians do not recommend magnets near a person equipped with a pacemaker or similar device. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Not yet. At this time, we ship only within the continental United States.